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SADIE: They’re all dead.

PETE: What?

SADIE: Jack, Kate, Sawyer…

PETE: I don’t care about the show right now.

SADIE: …Jin, Sun…

PETE: Okay? I need you to just get in the shower, get dressed. Let’s just put it on hold.

SADIE: …Walt, Juliet… All those people.

PETE: Don’t think about “Lost” today. Tomorrow, “Lost”, all day. I can’t wait to hear about it. Jack? No way! Really? Right now, shower.

SADIE: I don’t make fun of your stupid “Mad Men”.

PETE: First of all, I don’t get worked up over “Mad Men”.

SADIE: That’s because “Mad Men” sucks!

PETE: What Don Draper has gone through beats whatever Jack is running from on some fucking island.

SADIE: Bunch of people smoking in an office. It’s stupid!

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